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John Summit Wins Again: After Media Clowned Him For Appearing To Be Brushed Off By Alix Earle, He Posts A Video With Her From Inside His Condo In Miami

Yesterday our music and EDM correspondent Karim posted this blog saying he can relate to John Summit, (who he correctly termed the hottest DJ in the game right now), being brushed off by Alix Earle.

ESPN for some reason uploaded footage of this interaction to their tiktok where it set off a firestorm 

I had to check my notes on who this girl is because I had and still have no idea why she's famous.

Here's what People Magazine told me.

Alix Earle is taking TikTok by storm.

The 22-year-old University of Miami grad has become one of the fastest-growing creators on the app, racking up more than 5.6 million TikTok followers to date. She's also the new face of a longtime fan-favorite beauty trend, the "Get Ready with Me" (GRWM), which originally gained popularity during the early 2000s YouTube era as a way for content creators to share their skincare and makeup routines while giving fans a look into their personal lives.

The majority of Earle's TikToks see her recounting the everyday moments of her life while she does her makeup and chooses an outfit. And while her earlier GRWMs showed her preparing for class and tailgating at the Univerity of Miami, some of her more recent videos involve higher profile events as Earle's influencer career takes off. In December 2022, she took fans along while she got ready for a VIP night out at Miley Cyrus's New Year's Eve party in Miami.

Ok, so she's famous because she has a lot of tiktok followers. Copy.

I saw the interaction of her and Summit, and knowing John, and knowing how vapid social medialites like this girl are, was able to quickly deduce that she thought he was just some regular old kid from the Midwest with a couple of songs on Spotify, and no clout. Basically, she thought he was like me. Clearly, Grutman did a terrible job hyping up somebody other than himself to her beforehand.

But that all changed quickly after. 

I'm not going to throw out any assumptions, but based on the innuendo from this video John just posted a little while ago, I think you can connect the dots.


A++ caption on it too.

Alix either continued talking to John and fell for his affable, laid-back personality and handsome looks, OR, she did some simple Google research and realized she was talking to a megastar and the hottest name in electronic music right now.

A guy who was cool enough to sit down and talk to us Backstage at The Brooklyn Mirage last year. 

p.s.- haters can hate all they want but Summit's "where you are" was the biggest electronic song of the year and their favorite dj's all played it in their biggest sets