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Messi's Son Is The Exact Type Of Enforcer American Soccer Needs, Get Him On The USMNT Roster Right This Second

Look at Messi's kid Mateo out there. He doesn't give a shit that he's going up against his brother, he's going to lay you out. That's the sort of thing missing with American soccer. We need an enforcer. We need to find a way to get Mateo to play for the USMNT. I don't care how it works, get him in there. You're telling me this guy can't be a useful centerback or live in his dad's footsteps? Give me a break. This is a kid who will bully anyone and everyone. He doesn't care how many cards he gets, he's going to strike fear into opponents with a shoulder tackle. 

This is bully ball at its finest. No more finesse bullshit. Back to our roots of just laying people out. You can't tell me it doesn't work. Look at his brother complaining to him that he's fouling too much. You can't foul out in soccer. Foul as much as you want as long as you don't get two yellows. It's called gamesmanship. It's called strategy. 

It's clear how to save the men's national team:

Step 1 - Fire Gregg

Step 2 - Convince the Messi boys to play for us

Step 3 - get rid of garbage uniforms and wear the 94 denim again

Step 4 - enjoy all the World Cup wins

Love this kid just laying everyone out. Soccer star.