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NIGHTMARE SCENARIO: Spectrum Pulls ESPN Channels Just As The Florida-Utah Game Kicks Off

I will never understand this. As a kid I remember the Yes Network or SNY disappearing for a week or a month at a time when these cable companies couldn’t couldn’t come to agreement on a deal. I never understood who’s fault it really was I just know they ran informercials and ads blaming each other. 

Now it’s 2023 and somehow in a year when only old people like me have cable and less and less people have cable in general and are shifting to streaming, Spectrum and Disney are in a pissing match and decided that just when the Florida Utah game was going to kick off … they pull the coverage. 

What an absolute joke. How on earth can ESPN not be seen on a regular television in 2023? How is that even legal? The entire world tried to turn this game on tonight and it’s blacked out and guess what … it’s only going to get worse as we need ESPN for the 2738483828 games this weekend. 


Let us watch football!!!! 

I have no other hobbies!!!!! Please help us!!!!