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GUEST BLOG: Frank's Philly Take Over (By Jenks)

I went to Phillies vs. Angels with Frank the Tank at Citizens Bank Park in Philly on Tuesday. Frank got us hooked up with field passes for batting practice, so despite the possibility of rain, we had to jump at the opportunity. 

Growing up, Frank didn’t get opportunities for adventures. He didn’t have his driver's license until he was 28, and his parents never took him outside New Jersey. 

Rushing to Philly in the late afternoon and driving back into the morning was a no-brainer for him. Content would be created no matter what; he’d never been to this ballpark. Frank always feels indebted to Tank’s army so if there is a chance to make magic happen, giddy up. 

We put our best-ever NBA Immaculate Grid together (17) on the road. Frank then cruised across his 230 apps and eventually landed on some blackjack and immediately hit. He doesn’t want to reveal how much he won, but he did confirm it was “significant, had queens.” The Tank is hot. His fist pumps and villain laugh were Jordan-esque. Frank naturally wanted a cheesesteak when we arrived in Philly, so we headed to Pat & Geno’s, the two most legendary and rival spots, according to Frank's facts. He wanted to settle the dispute for good. Pat’s won because Geno’s offered a feeble amount of cheese. 

Finally, we arrived at the ballpark with our field passes and special escort. 

We entered through a side gate with Tyler Santiago, who is friends with Angel’s assistant coach, Ali Modami (great guys). They led us to the field for BP. Frank missed a step on the way but luckily had the dexterity to stay on his feet and enter unscathed. 


It took three minutes before Frank ranted about the Mets 20 yards from the Angels' BP. Marcus Thames and other members of the Angels org came over and essentially interviewed Frank throughout BP. Even his old friend Escobar walked by. Frank is magnetic; people of all statuses and backgrounds are drawn to him. 

Frank reviewed the ballpark, ranked all 14 MLB ballparks he’s been to, raw dogged, and we settled in for the game. 


We watched some dingers and were minding our own business when the Phillie Phanatic confronted Frank … some belly dance-off ensued … and everyone won. 

This led to multiple innings of Frank reviewing mascot history as the Phillies thumped the Angels. Frank took a few dozen pictures with fans on our way out, and now we are heading home as I type. It was a memorable night in Philadelphia, where apparently everyone watches Rough & Rowdy and respects heavy hands. Anudder adventure complete.