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People Are Saying That I Am The Best Athlete In The Chicago Office After I Whipped WSD's Ass At Wrestling

I just want to set the record straight because everyone in the comments is like "oh Chief ragdolled him, Chief is the alpha, Chief is the best athlete in the office, Chief must've wrestled in college, look at Chief's balance, how did Chief's hair not even get messed up while dominating WSD", etc. I totally understand why people would watch that video and assume that I was a D1 wrestler. Truth is I'm not. Never wrestled a day in my life. Didn't even really want to wrestle Dave. I instigated with a little shove/throw down initially, but that was just me trying to goof around. Caught up in the surroundings of being in an MMA gym with a ton of professional fighters. I thought it would end there. Then WSD being WSD he wanted to do full go. He's a pitbull. Dog off the leash. I tried to get him to stop. I reminded him that my shoulder is fucked right now (subluxated shoulder, currently in physical therapy), but WSD was seeing red. I didn't want to absolutely physically dominate him while injured and out of shape, but he left me no choice. I don't know anything about wrestling, but Robbie said I almost snapped his arm in half (wouldn't want to do that to my guy) and other people are saying that the scoring was at least 4-0

So look, I don't know if I am the office alpha. Not really interested in that title to be honest. I want good vibes in the office. I want people feeling good about themselves and people getting along. Boys will be boys though and WSD put me in a position where I had to destroy him. Just wasn't his forte or his day. Dave does throw extremely hard and makes a mean banana bread. He'd get the best of me in a bake off for sure. We all have our strengths. 

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