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Coco Gauff Cooked The Chair Umpire Last Night At The US Open After Her Opponent Was Taking Too Long To Get Ready For Her Serve

Love this move here by Coco Gauff. Moments like this are always good for tennis, because any eyes are good eyes, especially during the best two weeks of the year in the sport during the US Open. Even the commentators were like "welp, she's right!" She ended up winning in what turned out to be a little bit of a sweat in the final set, but she had some shade reserved for the post match interview too:

No more hostile environment for an opponent than having to play on Ashe in primetime against a beloved Coco. Siegemund was cooked from the beginning. Stalling is just one way to delay the inevitable. And Siegemund is no Djokovic when it comes to pace. The best case here is Coco who is fresh off a tournament win at the Cincinnati Masters makes a run here and gets her long overdue first Grand Slam title. Go Coco go!