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Lionel Messi Has A US Navy Seal/MMA Fighter Follow Him Around The Field During Inter Miami Games

This might be common knowledge by now, but today is the first I've heard of Lionel Messi's bodyguard. Naturally, Messi should have a body guard protecting him before and after games. Even on off days when he's in the city. But having a personal body guard follow him around during games is a hilarious visual.

Apparently an entire team of Miami Police isn't enough protection. If you're a fan thinking about jumping the fence to try and shake Messi's hand, even if you can evade the cops, you then have the final boss to deal with.

This final boss is not just a regular body guard either. His is Yassine Chueko (a name only a bodyguard or MMA fighter can have), and is an expert in all types of fighting. When he's not chasing the best player in the history of soccer up and down the pitch, he spends his free time being jacked and beating the shit out of people. He's somewhat of a social media influencer as well, as he has 120k followers in Instagram.

He is fully locked in during games too. He's not watching the ball whatsoever. Just 100% focused on Messi, and any fan who looks like he just might try to leap the fence. Like any good bodyguard, you know he's just DYING for someone to try it. 

I also wonder at what point he would run out onto the field mid-game to break up a confrontation between Messi and an opposing player. Say someone takes a cheap shot on him mid game. Maybe comes up from behind and gives Messi a nice forearm shiver to the back of the neck. Is that player going to get a fistful of Yassine the second he turns around? Or do altercations between players stay between them. Regardless, you know Messi's opponents are thinking twice about playing him too aggressively when there's a 300 pound martial artist with 0% body fat looming on the sidelines.