Did Rico Bosco Just Take A Shot At Me On Twitter And Does He Want To Have Round 2?

Did Rico Bosco just take a shot at me on Twitter and does he want to have a Round 2? You guys tell me. Here are the facts of the case:

1. I blogged yesterday about the exact topic he just mentioned

2. Nate got him riled up on the issue

3. He made a video with an all-time horrible take on why it was right to cancel the back-and-forth 1-run game in the 4th inning instead of picking it up the next day -- "they could have resumed at like 10 o'clock in the morning, but I don't think they want to do that when the kid's just played at 7 o'clock at night" 

4. He tweeted about people whining about the game being shortened 


5. I tweeted about people defending the game being shortened 

6. He drops this tweet tonight when the Ohio boys go down early to Nevada

I will say this: the "PTA meetings" line cannot be a coincidence. My full-time career is being a teacher and he knows that. And then he used the eyeball emojis like he knew what he said was going to stir shit up

All things considered, this appears to be a shot at me. But on the other hand, Rico Bosco doesn't want more smoke does he? I thought we were in peacetime. 


Can someone ask Rico if this was a shot at me so I can decide how to proceed? It seems like we're in a Cuban Missile Crisis situation where the tension is rising but no one wants to start a war. The one thing Rico forgot though is that it's not a school night, so if he wants to dance, I'm ready.