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Magic City Strip Club In Atlanta, Home Of The Famed Lemon Pepper Wings, Now Serves Cappuccinos That Shake Ass In The Cup

What a fine looking cup of coffee. Seems like the perfect place to take your family! Coffee having a BBL is the most Atlanta thing ever. No more unserious of a city than ATL. Great foam work by that barista though. That being said, we've either peaked as a society or failed immensely. I'll leave that up to you to decide. I was gonna roast the guy who tweeted this for ordering a fucking clappuccino latte in the strip club, but we would have never seen this gem otherwise. 

The allure of Magic City grows. Is it sneaky one of the best restaurants in Atlanta? Wings and a latte? No babe, I wasn't out cheating, I just had to try that new Colombian coffee bean latte from Magic City cafe. It just came with a free dance, so what was I supposed to do?

It seems like they got good eats in the dressing room too:

And I think they're doing just fine:

Gotta love the free market.