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UEFA Needs To Have Some Balls And Tell Saudi Arabia To Fuck Off With Their Proposal To Let One Of Their Teams Play In The Champions League

Fuck this. UEFA needs to show some balls and tell Saudi Arabia to get out of here. You don't have other continents sending their teams to Champions League. I mean there's no Inter Miami just so Messi can win again. There's no FC Cincinnati. It's European teams, pretty simple concept here. 

You have this league coming in and offering ridiculous contracts to guys to try and convince them to come play in this shit league. You can't let them bully their way into Champions League. It's already a great setup. It's already fine, we don't need to add a wild card team just because they want to. Draw a line in the sand and stick up for your tournament. I can't do it for you, someone at UEFA needs to do it. 

I know the current format can be a bit confusing with all the qualifying rounds, but once we get to the normal group stage it's the best out there. Teams all across Europe have a chance to qualify for the event based on how you finish in your league. We don't need to add Saudi Arabian teams to it. Again, this isn't their event. This is a European event. They can have all the names they want, all the money they want, but leave great events alone. 

If UEFA bends the knee and listens to this stupid suggestion, I need CONACAF to step in. Get one of our teams over there. I mean what if Inter Miami ends up winning a shit ton, they have former winners and names everyone knows, can they get added in? I think so. It's like conference realignment at this point. Nothing makes sense. You have a Big 10 with way more than 10 teams all over the country, so why not make UEFA the entire world? Show some balls, UEFA. 

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