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McDonald's Is Releasing A New Sauce Solely In Honor Of Loki Season 2 & You Can Consider Me Intrigued

Sauce, sauce, sauce. In my world the sauce is the one is allowed to steal this idea from me as I'm now trademarking it in this blog, but one of my ideas down the line is to create a cookbook solely of sauces and mimic sauces from your favorite restaurants so you can make them at home. Think the honey mustard & ranch from Outback, any sort of Mississippi Comeback Sauce, Chick-Fil-A, and more of the hits all in one place under one roof ready to be made at your leisure. Not bad right? I'm thinking I'll call it the Balls Book of Sauce.

ANYWAY that brings me to my point that I fucking LOVE sauces so whenever the big dog in the fast food game, obviously McDonald's, comes out with a new sauce it's always a big day over here. They already have their unbelievably creamy Buffalo with a nice hint of spice. The tangy honey mustard. The delectable ranch. The hot mustard which is SEVERELY underrated and I didn't even know about until recently though boy is it heavenly. And now they're hitting us with an enhanced sweet 'n sour sauce straight from Loki himself? LORD have mercy. That is going to be some good stuff and I'm not even a sweet 'n sour guy normally (although I will obviously eat it if that's what they give me when I order my hungover 6 nugs and diet coke on Saturday mornings).

Just when I thought I was out on Marvel...they pull me back in!