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Hard Knocks Proves That Aaron Rodgers Isn't The Bad Guy After All

Rich Schultz. Getty Images.

Yes I know we all want to crown the Jets Super Bowl Champions after watching the absolute clinic Aaron Rodgers put on all Jets practice but we can only draw 2 conclusions from Hard Knocks about Rodgers. #1 His throws set to Ed Sheeran look awesome all around. Can't rip the whole montage but between this cross-field back shoulder.

And the ability to make the receivers around him better, 

#2 The guy is not the stubborn asshole that the media has painted him to be. Everyone thought that his smugness would translate him to be a terrible mentor to not only Zach Wilson but other members of the team. All he did was make the young guys around him feel welcome and hyped them up. Look at this interaction at the Hall Of Fame Game where he basically motions to Sauce Gardner after he talks to Revis basically being like "That is your ceiling". He is obviously pushing the young guys to be better. 

We saw this a week ago but look at the help he has given a young struggling QB like Zach Wilson. 

Rodgers is truly taking the time to help the guys around him build and succeed. Here is some more mentorship awesomeness. 

But not only was he forthcoming to his teammates but also to a guy who won multiple awards and a Hollywood Vet, Liev Schrieber, who was brought on the show and definitely to fill time but Rodgers absolutely picked up that the dude felt awkward at practice. 

It led to Schreiber making a rare practice appearance, arriving in a helicopter that circled the Florham Park field and eventually resting on a landing pad with the Jets logo.

And once Schreiber arrived, Rodgers called him the “voice of God” and kept encouraging the Jets’ other quarterbacks to introduce themselves.

“Go and say hi,” Rodgers told offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. “Don’t be an a–hole. … He’s nervous. He wants to meet people, feel comfortable.

This is a man with complex emotional intelligence who even knows a Hollywood superstar feels out of place. The guy isn't the douche many haven't painted him to be.