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No Take Backs: After Months Of Speculation, EA Sports Confirms That We're Getting NCAA Football In Summer Of 2024

As far as I'm concerned this is a promise. You can't take back a promise. You can't take back a guarantee. EA Sports confirms that NCAA Football is finally coming back next summer, so I better be sitting on my ass up way too late trying to dominate the transfer portal. That's right, we're getting the transfer portal in the game: 

[Source] - Certain songs are expected to be played on crucial third downs or entering the fourth quarter, honoring college football traditions. The transfer portal, which has dominated the sport with its one-time transfer rule in the last two seasons, will also be included per The Athletic’s Chris Vannini

Really hope we get NIL stuff too, because I'll make Jimbo Fisher blush with my ability to spend money in a fake game. Only difference is I'll actually win with a heavy NIL payment. But it's time. It's time to bring it back, something that was speculated not to happen because of a possible holdout: 

Luckily they say that doesn't matter anymore: 

“EA SPORTS has announced that we are working with OneTeam Partners to manage the process for college football athletes to sign up and opt-in to be included in our upcoming EA SPORTS College Football game,” EA’s spokesperson told On3. “There has been speculation around our plans. But it is just that – speculation. To be clear, we have not yet made any offers to any college athletes for this game.”

Yeah, players should get more than $500 if you're a Caleb Williams or something. Welcome to the open market. But anyone who plays the game doesn't give a shit about playing with actual players. There are ways to get them in the game, if you know, you know. We just care about taking our favorite team to winning national titles. That's all that matters in the game. 

While we're at it, can we get a college hoops game again? One of my all-time favorites was FOX College Hoops for N64 and I can't play it anymore. We need something for us who also like basketball. Just give us the game so we can all be happy. Pay the players whatever, give the big names more, the way it is in life. All we want to do is play a video game again. 

As far as I'm concerned though, this is a lock now. You can't take back a confirmation unless you're an airline.