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Last Night May Have Been The Most Los Angeles Angels Loss Of All-Time

I'm usually not this vindictive. I don't normally get a sick satisfaction from seeing other teams fail, but when the Los Angeles Angels fail, there's a majesty to it. And I won't rehash so much of what I've already talked about, so I'll summarize it. The Angels were reckless as shit with their decision to go all in at the deadline. The entire baseball world knew it would go sideways for them at some point, but most people didn't think it would come this quickly. Even by the Los Angeles Angels' already ridiculous standards, last night's loss was an all-timer.

The Angels came into the top of the ninth inning last night, holding onto a three to lead. Typically, it ends well when they've gone into the ninth with a lead. And more often than not, it hasn't been very stressful. Carlos Estevez has been a sensational closer for the Angels this season. He came in last night with an ERA of 2.60. He left last night's game with an ERA of 3.57. Estevez has now allowed 18 earned runs this season. Nine of them have come since the calendar turned to August. That is one of the number one signs of a cursed ball club. When you have a guy who is automatic for you for a long stretch of time who just decides to have a giant dump in his pants, that is such a sinking feeling. I can't tell you how many Tiger players I've watched over the last few years who looked like generational pieces for a month or two, only for them to forget how to throw strikes (Alex Lange).

Last night's dumpster fire made me think of something- Shohei Ohtani would make a lot of sense to the Giants. Most people are pointing to him going to the Dodgers, which could also happen, but Ohtani would thrive in San Francisco, especially with that pitching lap they've got. Ohtani doesn't need a career revival the way some other Giants pitchers have, but that's a spacious park. It wouldn't be able to hold him when he's at the dish, but he'd lower his ERA when he's on the mound. And if Ohtani ever does decide that he wants to put on a Giants uniform, I'm sure he'll remember the game in which the Angels inexplicably gave up six in the top of the ninth inning as the first moment he realized he wanted to be a Giant. The angels have officially had their wings clipped.