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How To Fix The U.S. Government

Everyone knows the US political system is broken. A bunch of old people and weirdos deciding how our country should be run. Well, I've come up with a solution for that. We need to select Congress people at random. Wanting to be a politician should rule you out of holding political office. Only weirdos, freaks, and losers dream of becoming a senator. Just look at the countless viral clips online of politicians being absolute weirdos. That's why we need to just randomly select normal people to serve in Congress. The best politicians would be people with zero desire to be politicians. Similar to how people get selected to serve jury duty, people should get randomly selected to have to serve a term in Congress. You're a 39-year-old accountant in the suburbs of Atlanta who's voted twice in your entire life? Governor of Georgia. You're a 29-year-old Manhattan bartender who's not even registered to vote and isn't totally sure of the difference between Republicans and Democrats? New York senator. I trust normal, every day people to make the right decisions on tough issues way more than I trust a bunch of greedy, power-hungry lifetime politicians. You get one term each so you're not worried about pandering to voters for re-election. Just get in there, make some rational decisions like any normal person would, and right back to the cubes you go. Boom, America is saved. 

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