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Grant Williams Terrorized A Bunch Of Kids During Basketball Camp To Teach Them What Happens To Him During NBA Games

I don't blame Grant Williams for doing this one bit. There are no days off, champ. But this is a valuable life lesson for these kids. Grant Williams, by all accounts, made it. He's in the NBA. He got a nice contract. He's rich beyond belief. All that stuff. But this is still Grant Williams: 

Teach those kids at a young age that no matter how good you think you are, there's someone better. In Grant's case it could be free throws, Jimmy Butler, Donovan Mitchell, plenty of other options. Really the only thing missing here is Grant flopping. No one flops like Grant, which has been the case since he was at Tennessee. He's the guy that basketball haters should be pointing to, not James Harden. 

Now, refusing to let kids score or take it easy on them is always a good time. You think my oldest son is going to get any better if I just let him have a layup? No. The 3-year old needs to learn to pump fake once in his life. We aren't blessed with tall genetics and if you want to come into the trees, you better learn how to finish. At the same time, teach them defense. I will give Grant props for bulldozing a kid and calling for an and-1. 

At least Grant now knows what it feels like to be on the winning end. Job well done.