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The NFC Better Watch Out As Dak Prescott Appears To Already Be In Mid Season Form

You really won't see a cleaner pocket on a five-step drop than you did in this video. I know it's only July 31st training camp, but guys are going hard in that hot California s sun, so props to the Cowboys' offensive line here. 

You're also not going to see a prettier release than that. Even John Gruden, back when he still had that QB college special on Sportscenter back before he got canceled, wouldn't be able to nitpick a thing there. Prescott has perfect balance, ball high, perfect weight transfer on the step into the throw, perfect follow through. It's also clear by this video that Prescott has finally gotten rid of that awful bad habit he's had his whole career of never looking the safety away. He did a great job here of not focusing on his main receiver, drawing the help away from his intended target.

And the payoff was 6. The easy way.

You can't hit a guy, who's more open than that, more perfectly in the bread basket.

Watch the video, haters. Not an opponent in sight right there. Nothing but Cowboys and some paydirt as far as the eye can see.

Brandin Cooks got amazing separation there and his franchise QB put it right on the money. 

Dak told us all he's not throwing more than 10 interceptions this season and I think he means it.

The Cowboys are gonna be a problem this season.