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Friday Confessions

Dante and I alternate Fridays letting deprived Stoolies get shit off their chests.

This blog series is simply for confessions (and clicks).

I'll go first…

I wrote a blog earlier this week about North Shore Beefs and South Shore Bar Pies knowing full well I wouldn't have time to try either on my next trip to Boston... I essentially lied to my readers.

But here's the thing... I got such a fucking OVERWHELMING positive response from people on both dishes that now I am compelled to extend my trip and try a couple of both in delicious penance for my previous fabrication.

If there's anything you need to get off your chest, then the comments are open.

Two Hail Marys, three Our Fathers, and slip a 20 in the collection box on the way out… All is forgiven.


Heading to Richmond today with Spider to do a ride-along with Dale Jr, and we had Denny Hamlin on Rubbin' this week showing ZERO remorse for his move on Kyle Larson last year Sunday in Pocono.