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A Day After The Angels Declared Themselves Buyers And Told The World They're Not Trading Shohei Ohtani, MLB's Home Run Leader Tossed a One Hit Complete Game Shutout

Duane Burleson. Getty Images.

Last night the Angels shook up the baseball world by not only announcing to the world that Shohei isn't going anywhere, but also buying from the White Sox. They're completely going for it. 

So how would the team respond to such an endorsement from ownership? How would Shohei handle it? Well, Ohtani got the ball in game 1 of their doubleheader in Detroit today and tossed his first ever MLB complete game shutout. What a sicko. 

Think about this —MLB's home run leader just threw a one hit complete game shutout. He's a God crafted in only mythical tales, except he's living among us mortals. Quite possibly not from this Earth at all to be honest. A true one of one. Babe Ruth wasn't doing this. No one has and it's likely no one ever will again. 

There's a few ways the Angels could have started out this playoff push and I'll comfortably say a complete game shutout from your behemoth who everyone expected you to trade is the best possible scenario. A good ol' fuck you to all the haters. Now if I know the Angels well, they'll find a way to lose the second game of this doubleheader. If they're for real about this push and want people to take them seriously they gotta sweep this from Detroit and keep the momentum going. Ohtani just saved the bullpen for Game 2 also. He's doing everything he can. This 2nd half push from the Angels is going to be must watch. 

Ohtani spoke after the game and seems legitimately excited the Angels are actually buyers and competing. Did they just unlock a better version of him now that he knows all these games are going to be massively important? He's never thrown a complete game before today so that seems entirely on the table. 

He might actually put them on his back like CC in 2008 with the Brewers and do this damn thing. Except this version of CC hits a homer every three games. Sicko. 

Update from Game 2: