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Robert Saleh Doesn't Give A Damn If Sean Payton Thinks The Jets Fail This Year, Because 'If You Ain't Got No Haters, You Ain't Popping'

I'm not sure if Robert Saleh could squeeze in another cliche or not, but at least we got ourselves a coaching rivalry and the weirdest Week 5 matchup to look forward to. Sean Payton called Nathaniel Hackett a shit coach, ruined the Broncos and basically predicted the Jets to fail. Tough not to respond to this: 

Sure it's low-hanging fruit to prop yourself up, even if it's true. I don't know one single person that would say Hackett didn't suck wind last year for the Broncos. But as I said, I'm all for this sort of shit talking. In fact we need more of it. These kind interviews and refusing to speak your mind are boring as hell. I want guys to call people out, because sportsmanship is mostly fake. Being nice just to not say something controversial is for cowards. 

That said, I gotta admit the Saleh haters line is perfect. Lame enough to be cool enough. It's catchy and something that Jets fans can run with. If Brian Daboll said that I'd rub his bald head with glee. We're also talking about a football coach here. Nobody and I mean nobody thrives on bulletin board material like football players/coaches. They live for it. They look for fake bulletin board material just to talk about the chip on their shoulder. They want the whole us vs the world mentality. I'm sure Bears fans everywhere will mention how dumb it was for Payton to give Aaron Rodgers this sort of ammo for one week. 

I, for one, hope this Broncos/Jets rivalry develops into beautiful hatred as both teams fight for a 7-10 finish.