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A-Rod Compares Hitting To "Punching A Little Person"

Has there ever been a pro athlete in any sport as strange as Alex Rodriguez? You just know he thought he was being clever by not saying "punching a little kid". And what is Michael Kay doing just nodding along? The oddest part is when A-Rod doubles down and says "boom" as he's using his fist.

Alex Rodriguez may have had more natural talent than any player I've seen since Shohei Ohtani. He's at least in the argument with Barry Bonds (pre-steroids), Mike Trout and Ken Griffey Jr. Yet he's always been weird.

Is it because he was so great, so early? I don't think he's actually beating the shit out of little people when he goes out at night, but why even say that? It's phrased so oddly too. Like he expects us all to understand that comparison. Does he think we are punching little people?

It is wild how young he was when his career really fell apart. From 2011-16, Alex Rodriguez played in 481 games and hit .255/.343/.443. The 13 years that preceded that 2011, he had 30+ home runs every year. At 34, he had 613 career home runs. The only question was when he would break the home run record, not if. As it was, he couldn't even get to 700 home runs. He finished with 696.

A-Rod really is in this bizarre zone as a former athlete. He's not making the Hall of Fame. He's been on the ballot twice and hasn't even hit 36% of the vote. Yet, he's on television a ton whether it be spots for FOX or the Sunday Night Baseball for ESPN. He's just as visible now as it was when he played. He's obviously using the television platform to appear more likable but then compares the sport to beating the shit out of little people. 

Alex Rodriguez may never go away but he'll also never stop getting in his own way.