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Daniel Jones Not Being A Top 20 Rated Quarterback In Madden Is The Latest Black Eye For A Game That Is Clearly Wayyyyy Past Its Prime

I haven't even thought about getting upset about Madden ratings for years because every single player gripes about their rating unless they are in the 99 Club. In fact the last (and only) time I blogged about the Madden ratings bozo having donkey brains was when he gave Daniel Jones a 63 rating coming out of college after being the 6th pick of the NFL Draft. That placed Danny Dimes jussssssst behind behind Tyree Jackson who went undrafted, threw for 46 yards with the DC Defenders of the XFL the following season, then was able to latch on as a backup for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Oh yeah and by backup I mean a backup tight end.

Meanwhile, 63 Overall Daniel Jones did this over 13 games his rookie season.

After that we had a couple of years where Joe Judge and Jason Garrett may have teamed up to attempt to put Danny's career through a table Dudley Boyz style (with no help from his offensive line and weapons) before bouncing back as that dual threat we saw as a rookie with Brian Daboll as coach, leading his team to a playoff win, and being such an extraordinary double threat that he got the coolest name of any QB in the NFL that just so happens to be after the Madden GOAT.

Now I'm not going to criticize the Madden ratings bozo for this unwarranted shot by saying he probably hasn't watched a game since the last time Madden made a meaningful change to the game (which happened when Daniel Jones was in elementary school) or that he is a mouth-breathing Cowboys fan that may have caused his team's best offensive lineman to potentially hold out.

Instead I'll just let him believe that Daniel Jones isn't as good as Jimmy G without the Kyle Shanahan war machine behind him or Justin Fields fresh off leading his team to the number 1 pick last season. Keep believing the memes made by people that don't know ball and tell yourself that a 6'5" quarterback with Duke brains, wheels worthy of Vick status, and a cock rocket dime-dropping arm isn't going to put up numbers now that he has elite coaching AND an offensive roster that isn't full of players that were picked by this jagoff.

Oh yeah and one final statement from Danny himself for this Madden bozo: