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Everything You've Missed In 'Secret Invasion' That Might Actually Matter In The MCU


The PENULTIMATE episode of Marvel's 'Secret Invasion' dropped on Disney+ yesterday, and despite it being another enjoyable installment to the series, there still wasn't much buzz/discourse about it online.  

I won't lie, 'Secret Invasion' isn't Marvel's BEST show by any means - but it's pretty damn good! Samuel L Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, and Olivia Colman have been acting their asses off week-to-week, and it definitely has a more mature vibe to it that I thought disgruntled MCU fans would love. It doesn't seem like anybody's watching, though, so I figured I would write this blog and catch everybody up.

Here's everything that has happened in 'Secret Invasion' (SO FAR) that might actually matter/get referenced in future MCU projects….









-Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) is dead. 

RIP MY DOG MARIA HILL. This was a shocking death at the end of the first episode (being they had Cobie Smulders saying she was in all six episodes on the press tour) but for a character who has spent so much time in the MCU, I gotta admit - her killing didn't have a ton of emotional weight to it. I would've AT LEAST done that one in a movie and given her a Coulson-like moment. 

As the series comes to a close, it definitely feels like a wasted moment, but I'll wait until after the finale to confirm that thought.

-Talos (Ben Mendelsohn from 'Captain Marvel') is also dead.

RIP MY DOG TAYLOS. Ben Mendo kicked the bucket at the end of Episode 4, and went down saving the President. 

I was pretty pissed when this one happened because I'm a huge Mendelsohn fan and loved his dynamic with Samuel L Jackson. I still feel it was a premature death for the character, and that they could've gotten a LOT more mileage out of Talos, but again - that's me speaking before watching the finale. My feelings may change after they wrap everything up. 

Talos was tremendous in the few episodes of this he was in, though.

-Nick Fury is married!

That's right - our boy Nick Fury was going home to a WIFE after all those hard-fought Avengers battles! And guess what?! SHE'S A SKRULL TOO!

Not a secret Skrull, though. He knows she's a Skrull. He's into it. 

They kinda thought about killing each other last week and had a Mr. and Mrs. Smith type standoff, but she still seems cool.

-Rhodey (Don Cheadle) is a Skrull and has been for an unknown period of time.

Unfortunately, Rhodey is currently in the process of starting World War III and taking the US Government down from the inside….because he ain't Rhodey. In fact, Rhodey's a SHE named Raava now, as a Skrull has taken over his identity.

How long has Rhodey been a Skrull? Where is the real Rhodey? We have no idea.

I'd hope that the real Rhodey got to experience Tony Stark's funeral, at the very least - but imagine the real Rhodey was Terrence Howard all along?! Heads would explode.

Giphy Images.

-There are now one million Skrulls hidden on Earth, and they now have a machine with the ability to give themselves superpowers.

Yep. Earth is fucked….and so are all of the superheroes of Earth. How did this happen, you ask?

Basically, Nick Fury told Talos he could have "a couple friends over" while he went to space, and Talos invited every Skrull ever. 

Way to go Talos. You fucked Earth.

-Nick Fury had a team salvage as much of the Avengers' DNA as possible after the Battle of Earth ('Endgame') and called it 'The Harvest'.

Kinda sketchy move by Nick Fury here….because almost every Avenger shed blood during the Battle of Earth in 'Avengers: Endgame', he had a team go and extract all of their DNA for a project called 'The Harvest'.

One of the members of the extraction team was a Skrull named Gravik, who just so happens to be Secret Invasion's main antagonist, and guess what he's after!

Giphy Images.

Yep, he's after The Harvest

Seriously, though - I hope we get an explanation as to why Fury did this. Do we think he has contingency plans for killing all the  Avengers if they go bad like Batman and the Justice League? That'd be kinda sick. Otherwise - add him to the Sus List.

-President Ritson is in the hospital, and it ain't lookin good.

Marvel can't stop promoting the fact that Harrison Ford is playing "President Ross" in the next 'Captain America' movie….

….and it ain't looking good for the current guy. I'll just say that.

Dermot Mulroney, who plays President Ritson, actually had a funny response to this getting brought up….

Giphy Images.

-Olivia Colman has joined the MCU and she's the most badass, ruthless, brutal character in this series.

Olivia Colman plays the head of an intelligence agency named Sonya Falsworth in 'Secret Invasion', but she acts a lot more like a cold-blooded mob boss than CEO. Every time she's on screen, she's either mercilessly torturing a Skrull or putting a bullet in another's brain. It's awesome. 

Sonya's definitely the best addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that this show has to offer, and they better not kill her off in the finale. We need more of her character fucking shit up and laughing about it. 

-Last but certainly not least, SHOOTER McGAVIN (aka Christopher McDonald) has joined the MCU!

Yep - Shooter McGavin is now apart of the MCU as a J. Jonah Jameson type newscaster who is also - you guessed it - a Skrull.

I'm sure the finale will include something big next week to hype up The Marvels - or even the next phase of the Skrull invasion, which will inevitably lead up to 'Secret Wars' - but for now, that's all you need to know about 'Secret Invasion'. 

I hope somebody out there found this useful!

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