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Mariners Outfielder Jarred Kelenic Addressed The Media In Tears After Breaking His Foot Kicking a Water Cooler

As if the Mariners' 2023 season couldn't get more disappointing, we find out Jarred Kelenic broke his foot last night kicking a water cooler following a 9th inning strikeout. Incredibly stupid and an easy way to kiss your once hopeful individual season good bye. 

Now it's very easy to shit on the 24 year old about the stupid mistake he made. The fact is we all make them and are far from perfect. His is going to cost the already offense-lacking Mariners a solid bat and further hurt their chances of any kind of 2nd half run. It's a brutal fuck-up no doubt. 

Kelenic addressed the media today in the dugout in a gut-wrenching video. Hard to not feel for the guy even if it was a bonehead move. 

That guy gives a shit. That man cares and wants to be out there with teammates helping them win. Yes, he let his emotions get the best of him, but he'll learn from it and almost certainly come back a better player. Maybe I'm just a sucker for an emotional guy like that wearing his mistake, but it's hard to fully hate on a guy when you take it on the chin like he is. 

I imagine Mariners fans are pissed about all this because you're losing an everyday guy after he kicked a water cooler. The season has been a drag watching their lineup try to muster any kind of offense. They've easily been one of the more disappointing teams in the league this year and this only adds to the clouds hovering around them. 

That being said I'd rather see one of my players get angry and show that kind of passion than let's say this visual. 

Tommy Kahnle gets it. 

Obviously the last thing you want is a player getting injured in frustration off the field. Can't happen. But I truly feel for Kelenic. There's no worse feeling than letting your teammates down on a self-inflicted incident like that. Hopefully he's able to recover fully (foot injuries like that can be tricky) and come back in 2024 on a mission.