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Marketing 101: Will Levis' Girlfriend Got A Burger King Endorsement Deal Thanks To The Attention She Got As He Slid In The NFL Draft

This right here is how you flip a bad situation into a good one. I'm obviously a Levis guy. I spent too many hours watching him play quarterback for my team. I spent too much time arguing with Brandon Walker or listening to Big T talk about him. He's my guy, I'll defend him to the death. I still blame Brandon and the Dolphins having to give up their first round pick as to why he's a second round pick. He's not nearly as bad as those two like to claim he is. He played with an injury last year and a shitty offensive line. It happens. 

Anyways, this is how you deflect and keep some good juju going. He laughs about it, talks about his girlfriend getting a Burger King endorsement because she kept getting attention. Can't imagine what triggered that: 

That said, Eddie brings up a great point about her singing that song around the house. That's gonna get stuck in Levis' head quicker than anything else. You can't escape that song the moment you hear it. You'll start humming it, you'll listen to other songs to try and get it out of your head but it doesn't work. It might be the most addicting song to ever exist. 

It is hilarious to see a guy like Levis openly talk about his sisters and girlfriend get attention. It's 2023, any big event someone's family members and/or girlfriends get attention. It happens every draft, home run derby, you name it. The cameras catch them, the Internet runs with it. Rarely do ever see an athlete openly admit and talk about it. 

So congrats on the free lunch. Now beat out Malik Willis please.