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Rapper Latto Ends The Fans Throwing Things At Performers Pandemic By Calling Out The Fan Who Threw Stuff At Her And Saying She'll Beat Their Ass

We've probably written 20 blogs on this site in the last few weeks about performers getting shit thrown at them while they're on stage, from everyone to Harry Styles to Morgan Wallen. It's a legit pandemic at this point. It's become so widespread that even Adele was on stage and said she'll "fucking kill" anyone who throws things at her:

I've never heard of Latto in my entire life, but she was about that action when she looked at a fan and told her to throw it again. I'll be honest that makes no sense because .. they no longer have it in their possession so they couldn't throw it again if they wanted, but I get the sentiment anyway. Slight props for staying on beat, whatever beat that was, to continue performing without jumping in the crowd and opening a can of whoop ass on a fan who thought they were funny. Not my type of music, but there was a few seconds of reason to watch that video in its entirety there if you catch my drift.

Yeah I'm not throwing shit on stage with miss Latto performing. That fan should be thanking their lucky stars and never think about doing something like that again.