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Another Day, Another Asshole Hitting A Performer In The Eye With An Object While They're On Stage - This Time Harry Styles

We officially have a worldwide problem on our hands and we need it to stop. Why do people feel inclined to throw shit at performers on stage? What good does that do for you and how do you not feel like an absolute asshole? There is only one person who should be throwing anything at a live performance like that and it's Steve Aoki. By the way, it isn't talked about enough how hard it is to throw a cake that far and he does it like he is Patrick Mahomes. 

Seriously though, in the past month about 5 or 6 artists have gotten smoked in the face with different objects and some even got stitches after being pretty hurt. These people are coming to put on a show for you so the least you can do is respect them. 

Sadly the way society works now is they think it's funny and the videos will go viral, so why not? Reality check. Nobody even knows you are and won't care afterwards unless it's you ending up in jail or a lawsuit. 

It's a double loser situation for the artist too because 1) you get smoked in the face and 2) if you stop the show to get mad the rest of the crowd has no idea what just happened and everyone will get mad. 

I don't know how as a society we can end this besides having people stop being fucking assholes. Where are they even getting these things to throw? How do you get ashes or anything else through security? I wonder if these people even like music. Like are they just showing up to channel their inner Randy Johnson? We as a society need to be normal and just stop acting like complete morons.