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"I Didn't Like His Antics" - Davey Martinez Got All Pissy With Elly De La Cruz's Knob Celebration After The Nats Manager Wrongly Accused His Bat Of Being Illegal

Davey Martinez's comments here are everything wrong with the game of baseball today. What antics are we even talking about? You accused Elly De La Cruz of some wrong doing with his bat, stopped the game to have it checked out, got proven wrong, and served up a moonshot to him later on. You can read all about that in my blog from last night. Take your L and move on. Instead of focusing on being wrong about the bat check he shifts the narrative to Elly's "antics" immediately after the homer. 

It would be one thing if Elly turned to the Nats dugout, pointed at his knob, and told them to eat shit. By one thing I mean it would be fucking awesome, but at least I could understand Martinez being rubbed the wrong way there. Instead Elly faced his own dugout, gestured to his knob (the bat), and continued on his merry way around the bases. There is NOTHING wrong with that, in fact, it should be encouraged. All of that is good fun as far as I'm concerned. You wanna accuse his bat of being illegal? He can then do whatever he wants to celebrate after taking your shitty pitcher deep to right center. 

Also did Martinez forget all the shit Juan Soto did in his time in DC on the way to a World Series title? Motherfucker would turn his body all the way to the pitcher, crouch down, and grab his junk to taunt them, and that was after just a simple ball outside. Or how about the time he brought his bat all the way to him to first during the World Series? We're talking about a harmless knob point and getting bent out of shape for no reason. All of it should be accepted and encouraged in the game today. Did you see what made the World Baseball Classic so fun? Let the MLB players do that and get out of the way. 

P.S. If somehow some way Elly gets thrown out today we're getting an all out brawl.