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Superstar: The Nats Had Elly De La Cruz's Bat Checked To Make Sure It Was Legal, He Responded By Blasting a Moonshot To The Upper Deck Followed By An Incredible Celly

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

Elly De La Cruz has electrified the major leagues since debuting a month ago. He's helped propel the Reds all the way into first place and continues to be must watch anytime he plays the game. I can't remember a guy breaking in this early and being this must watch so quickly. I mean he's a 6'5" freak who runs like Usain Bolt and hits bombs like Griffey, what more do you want? 

Well, heading into tonight's game no one really had questioned his God given abilities. We all just assumed he was made in a lab with a concoction that included the best of every athlete. Today Davey Martinez attempted to take a stand. Someone had to stop this mad man. He wondered if this magical knob at the end of Elly's bat was the key behind his immense power. Imagine this thing was pumping all sorts of magic power into the bat? Fun sponge Davey Martinez stopped play and had him checked. 

Well, turns out that knob is an analytical sensor that's used in the minor leagues to help measure all sorts of nerdy data. Comes as no surprise that the Washington Nationals had no clue what they had come across. 

Eventually Elly got his knob back after it was discovered he got approval to use it, as I'm assuming the sensor is removed and he just likes the comfort of it. A few at bats later he unleashed his frustration with the Nats manager with this upper deck detonation. 

Goodness gracious. 

The best part? The knob celly of course. 

Yeah it doesn't get much cooler than Elly De La Cruz. Reds fans have dealt with a ton of sadness over the years, but man do you have a fun superstar to watch every night now. What a monster.

P.S. If you accuse the other team of cheating and fail there should be some kind of punishment coming your way. Here Cruz took matters into his own hands, but not everyone can do what he does. In fact, no one can. Shame on you for questioning the sport's new lord and savior. It's Elly's world, we're all just living in it.