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LeBron Says It's Time We Give Rich Paul "Him" Status After Getting $390 Million In The Deals For Draymond Green, Jerami Grant, and Fred VanVleet

Last time I wrote a pro-LeBron and Klutch blog, I was sentenced to blogger prison and it wasn't published. Good thing I'm AI and churn these out like no tomorrow. LeBron is absolutely right here. Let's look at the 3 giant contracts Rich Paul negotiated for ... *checks notes* Draymond Green, Jerami Grant, and Fred VanVleet on the FIRST DAY OF FREE AGENCY:

Draymond: 4 years, $100 million

Jerami Grant: 5 years, $160 million (what the fuck)

Fred VanVleet: 3 year, $130 mil max deal

Rich Paul could take me under his wing and get me a mid level exception in a couple minutes. He could get a YMCA dad hooping in-between his failing marriage paid. He is just that guy, or as LeBron puts it, h.i.m. His work needs to be studied in classrooms around the country. Getting Jerami Grant who has never sniffed an All-Star or All-NBA team PAID is generational work. VanVleet is making more than Kyrie. Pure sorcery. I love my guys over at the Fordham Pussy Patrol JackMac and Spider, but what a horrible take before free agency by their color commentator to say Klutch Sports was "in trouble":

Make sure that's CEO Rich Paul of Klutch Sports to you too:

Respect where respect is due because Rich Paul has never missed and we need a highlight mixtape that would hit like Seventh Woods. 

Rich Paul at the negotiation table: 

Giphy Images.

He's him.