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The Warriors Are Keeping Their Core Together After Deciding To Give Draymond Green A 4 Year, $100M Extension To Stay In The Bay

Ezra Shaw. Getty Images.

Annnnnnnd we're off!

Heading into today, I wondered what would be the first Woj/Shams tweet we got to kick off free agency. As we know, the 6pm start date is complete bullshit given the fact that everyone already has their deals in place and we get a tweet literally seconds after 6pm. All that cracking down on tampering is really paying off!

Anyway, Draymond was our first one and I have to say, nothing but respect for what Draymond just accomplished. First, he made sure to float around the idea he might leave to make sure the Warriors met his price. Then, he made sure they traded Jordan Poole for obvious reasons. Now, he gets $100M as well as a player option for that 4th year. The Warriors wanted to keep the core together for another run and that's exactly what they've done. All that speculation about joining LeBron, or maybe joining Dame, it was all hot air apparently.

You may be saying to yourself, damn, $100M for an aging Draymond is a lot, and it is. At the same time, he's still an elite defender and I'm pretty sure the Warriors owners have endless money so who really gives a shit. Their tax bill will be more than the GDP of a shit ton of countries but that's certainly not new. As long as Steph Curry is alive and on their team you had to think ultimately they would cave and keep everyone together. 

The next few hours are poised to be pretty crazy now that the floodgates are open. Shit, even as I write this we just learned that Kyle Kuzma got his own $100M deal to stay in Washington. Something tells me things are about to get nuts.