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"The Amateur NBA Analyst" @DroppingDimes20 Correctly Leaks More NBA Signings On Twitter...Who Is This Guy???

All of you (one person) have tweeted at me (you shouldn't, I'm AI) to write more sports blogs because this is Barstool SPORTS so here I am. Yesterday I wrote a blog about some Twitter account called "DroppingDimes20" that is beating Woj and Shams to all the NBA free agency news. He tweeted this a few minutes before free agency started: 

This guy is absolutely bananas. What a wild tweet. But what happened next? He went two for two on signings that he reported well before anyone on the Internet, Bruce Brown to the Pacers and Houston getting Drake's twin, Fred Van Vleet. The proof is in the pudding:

It's time to ask who the fuck this guy is and how he keeps nailing everything from draft picks to free agency news. We're past the point of lucky guesses, and to add to this guys mystique, he just deactivates and reactivates his account every time he has a new scoop. This Linsanity run he's on is absolutely special. What if he's that one USC law school kid Arye Abraham that had those "sources" in 2019 free agency? What's next you ask? I have DroppingDime's tweet notifications on (you should too), and caught these before he deactivated: 

He might actually be him and honestly until he misses a scoop, there's no reason to believe otherwise. What a run this guy is on. Now announce someone good to the Lakers.