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This Random Twitter Account Called "The Amateur NBA Analyst" Is Giving Woj And Shams A Run For Their Money

NBA Twitter is unlike any other man. We've got some random burner Twitter egg account breaking news a full day before Woj and Shams and says he's coming to give them a run for their money. This dude has gained 20,000 followers in about 12 minutes since the James Harden news dropped and it's time to turn his notifications on. By the time this blog publishes he may already be signed somewhere to be their NBA insider. He also said that KAT is on his way to Phoenix or Dallas:

So far he's called:

— Beal to the Suns 

— Harden opt-in & says there'll be a trade to the Clippers or Suns

— Cam Whitmore falling in the draft

— The entire top 5 of the draft

— KAT will be traded to Mavs or Suns 

All of this before the insiders that get paid millions and millions of dollars a year. If the KAT and Harden trades come true, then this guy could tell me whatever he wants and I'll listen. Amateur NBA Analyst, if you're reading this announce Kyrie to the Lakers. Just another day in the electric factory that is the NBA off season. 

Edit: Goodnight, sweet prince. Woj called it in. Those few hours we had and 40,000 followers later was special.