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The Weeknd And Lily-Rose Depp's HBO Show "The Idol" Lasted Just Five Episodes Before Being Cancelled

Do you know how bad of a show you have to be to get cancelled by HBO in FIVE episodes? They might have the lowest bar of all time and they were just like "yeah that's enough". With acting like this, can you blame them:

This show is just softcore porn with absolutely zero story line. I'm one of many idiots who have watched the four episodes thus far and the only thing I can remember happening is Lily-Rose Depp smoking a zillion cigarettes and The Weeknd being an extremely off-putting creepy cult leader. They did release it at a good time with absolutely nothing else on, so it's been a decent hate watch for the last few Sundays. HBO really cut some gems like Westworld and Succession and then we get whatever this is. Apparently the original plan was to have 8 episodes, which was then cut to 6, and then now the entire show is ending after 5? I can't even think of any memorable lines from this show because they're all so overly sexual and uncomfortable.

We did get a couple good songs out of it that will live well past these horrible five episodes, but seems like you probably didn't need a multi million dollar budget and one of the worst shows in history to release those if you're The Weeknd. Our short national nightmare has come to an end.