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Per Cam'ron And His Sources: Draymond Punched Jordan Poole In The Face Because Poole Kept Calling Him Broke

That's it. Get Woj, Shams, Haynes, everyone else (besides Leroy) out of here and let Cam'ron be the official scoops reporter guy for the NBA. Flawless story and frankly I have no choice but to believe every word as true. He's a true pro's pro by starting off with 'my sources are telling me, Draymond Green and Jordan Poole got into a fight about who fucked more people in college.' 

Who among us haven't had a fight over that? 

He even brings some facts about where they went to college and knows they are rivals. Plus, you can't match the insight from Ma$e here by saying 'that's already a lifetime rivalry.' Best in the business, folks. I'm serious this was more entertaining in 47 seconds than the hourly update on Damian Lillard or another wasted hour talking about how Victor Wembanyama is tall. I'd much rather listen to Cam'ron break down and gather intel on why fights happen and explain it to Ma$e. 

Anyways back to the allegations here. Poole starts it by saying he fucked more girls at Michigan State than Draymond did. Not a bad insult considering Poole went to Michigan. Good ribbing. Then we get the good old fashioned 'you'll be in Sacramento next year.' Okay. This was before the Kings became the most fun team in the league this past season. Then Poole hits Draymond with a line that is so great I assume Cam'ron made it up for him. 

'Why is your twitter handle MoneyGreen if you're broke?' 

Excuse me? Since when did Draymond go broke here? That's the story Cam! Get Ma$e and hit the road to start figuring out the details here. Makes it even funnier when you remember Cam'ron accused Jordan Poole of spending $500,000 on a date with Ice Spice (a real person).

Never thought I'd see the day this was broken down by Cam'ron. God bless the Internet.