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Cam'ron, Who Has A New Show With Mase, Claims Jordan Poole Spent $500,000 On A Date With Ice Spice And Said He's Playing Like A Bitch. They Also Have Dillon Brooks Coming On To Talk Tonight

So I'm not as plugged in to the streets as Kevin Clancy is, and I don't get the official support from Barstool booking acts and artists to come on the Backstage podcast that every other show here does. (Yet). So I was way out of the loop on the fact that Killa Cam and Murda Ma$e have their own show now, "It Is What It Is."

But the show, from what I've seen today is very funny. Which isn't surprising whatsoever, considering you've got two of the wittiest, and best punchline rappers of all time sitting on the dais talking shop. 

 So let's get to the topic of the blog here shall we?

Jordan Poole- for all intents and purposes, great guy right?

Also the victim of a bad sucker punch

Midwest kid, grew up in Wisconsin, went to school at Michigan. I sat behind his family at a Bulls Warriors game last year at the United Center and they started chatting up the young kid I mentor (shout out Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America) and me because he had a Warriors jersey on. They couldn't have been nicer people. 

All of that said, how does a kid who was raised well, from a good family, even comprehend spending half a million dollars trying to impress a street treat like Ice Spice?

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For those unfamiliar, Cam'ron referred to Poole as "a munch" in that clip after calling out his spending habits because that's the song title Ice Spice is most famous for.

What the fuck is "a munch" you're wondering? 

Allow Urban Dictionary to explain.

Just so we're all on the same page here. Do you know how much $500,000 is? If you're buying a house it's not exactly a ton, but if you're talking about one night, or let's give Jordan the benefit of the doubt and say this was a weekend getaway, that is an outrageous amount of money.

We're talking Brewster's Millions type spending here. You are literally trying to blow through money if you're able to drop that much in 24-48 hours. 

And if you're trying that hard to impress a woman, ANY woman, I don't care if we're talking about Helen Of Troy, you are, as Camron Giles put it, "a munch."

p.s. - these guys landed Dillon Brooks tonight, which should make for some fireworks.