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A Documentary Titled 'Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea' Is Already Set To Come Out TOMORROW While The Search For The Missing Sub Continues To Race Against Time

Anadolu Agency. Getty Images.

We enter day three of the search for the missing Titanic tourist sub. The Coast Guard just finished addressing the media where they reported their search has expanded to twice the size of Connecticut. They continue to hear banging sounds and are racing against time to find this thing before it's too late. Nate has been covering every inch of this from the devastation to the step-son and his weird social media if you're looking to get caught up. 

Something I just came across was this UK news channel coming out with a full documentary on this TOMORROW. Straight out of one of the new Black Mirror episodes Loch Henry. Honestly thought at first it was a fake Discussing Film twitter account. Nope, very real. 


“Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea” has been scheduled to air on Thursday at 7 p.m. local time. The doc will be presented by 5 News host Dan Walker.

The ITN-produced documentary promises to “go beyond” news coverage and bring viewers up to date, while examining the wider context about the voyage, its passengers and the fascination with the Titanic shipwreck. The film will also talk to experts and look at the rise of extreme tourism.

ITN is a go-to production company in the U.K. for fast-turnaround films that react to current events. The outfit recently produced a special on British woman Nicola Bulley, who vanished in January without a trace while walking her dog, and was found dead three weeks later in a local river.

At first I thought this was just gonna be some extensive news coverage disguised as a documentary, but based on the description it sure does sound like at least as an attempt of a real documentary. 

Ian Rumsey, managing director of content for ITN, said: “This program will chart everything from the exploration itself, to the rise of extreme tourism, to the rescue attempts, but above all it will tell a very human story that has captured the nation which is about 5 people, all with families, who are trapped at the bottom of the ocean. Our expertise and heritage in fast-turnaround documentaries and reputation for responsible filmmaking means we always treat such stories with great sensitivity.”

We're no strangers to documentaries about tragedies, but maybe not when the tragedy is still on-going. I mean as I type this the Coast Guard is still hearing bangs. While it's sadly very unlikely they're going to locate and save these people in time, maybe just wait a little bit before cashing in on all this? Gotta love how they're pretending to care about the rise of 'extreme tourism' when all that's happening here is cashing in on some immediate devastation. 

Do they film this in two parts? I believe these poor souls are expected to run out of oxygen sometime tomorrow morning/late afternoon. Are they just waiting for the final call to edit the end? Do you end it with a "to be continued" and just keep coming out with new parts? I mean what are we doing here? 

Like I know The Boys are going to do a parody about this for season 5 where The Deep goes down to save everyone and ends up killing them all by accident, but at least we won't see that for a year or so. This thing comes out tomorrow night! Didn't even make it to the weekend before we got a full documentary about the possibly still alive people at the bottom of the ocean. 

Along with this being too soon, it's also just going to suck right? What new info and angles are these morons gonna have that isn't already out there? If you take the time to watch that bullshit you're a sucker. 

P.s. I keep watching this video showing just how deep the ocean floor is. Not that the Titanic picked a spot in the ocean to sink in, but you'd have to try really hard to pick a worse resting spot.