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Liam Gallagher Once Promised To Call Noel And Get Oasis Back Together If Man City Won The Champions League

Manchester City just won the Champions League, completing the treble for the first time in franchise history. Great game. Reags wrote about it here....

That's not really the important part of the story here, though. 

(Sorry Reags)

The ACTUAL story we should all be talking about after that win is this one....

Liam Gallagher of Oasis once PROMISED that he would suck it up and call his brother Noel to bring the band back together if Man City won the Champions League…..and they've finally done it…..sooooooooooo… he gonna make that phone call or what?!

Des Willie. Getty Images.

For those who haven't been Keeping Up With The Kardashions Gallaghers lately - after saying an Oasis reunion would NEVER happen for over a decade, Noel Gallagher has begun to change his tone a bit this year….

All of a sudden, Noel puts the ball in Liam's court and says he's open to a phone call. 

Many Oasis fans believe this may be Noel calling Liam's bluff as far as his actual desire to reunite Oasis goes, or even him just trying to snag some headlines to get eyes on his latest record. 

I think there's definitely a little bit of both going on - but after Noel's divorce, this was the actual opening Liam needed to get the wheels in motion if he really wanted to. 

Instead, he responded like this….

(Bringing up the fact that Noel wouldn't reunite for the Manchester bombing victims immediately)

So we went right back to square one there. He's hurling tons of insults, telling the fans that Noel actually hates them and he's playing mind games (which is possibly true), and declaring that he would NOT be calling Noel to reunite the band - Noel would have to call HIM since he split up the band in the first place!

This last one calling him Ric Flair really made me laugh, though, in regards to Noel's "promo" towards Liam.

It hurts me to say it, but this response from Liam made me think Noel might have a point when it comes to Liam not actually wanting to do it, despite him banging the reunion drum for years now. It seemed like that woulda been the time to swallow your pride, as Noel is saying "have your people talk to my people" in every interview he can. If he's calling your bluff, why not call his? Instead, he went full tantrum mode on Twitter again. It's constantly one step forward, two steps back with these fuckin blokes.

If THAT couldn't do it, though - could the brothers' beloved Manchester City bringing home a Champions League title change things?! 

I know it's a longshot, but I'd have to assume both Liam and Noel Gallagher are happier than they've ever been in their entire lives at this very moment - they are true LUNATIC football fans like that. 

I'd also have to assume both Liam and Noel Gallagher will be getting absolutely sloshed tonight in celebration. 

Noel's already getting started at some Man City bar in San Diego before his gig tonight…

Hear me out: what if one of em gets happy and drunk enough to make the call? 

I'm sure we've all agreed to do some stupid things while in a good mood, and this is just that times a billion - plus alcohol. Again, I know this is an astronomical longshot, but much crazier things have happened. 

I think there's a chance (albeit a small one) that one day we'll look back on this Man City title as the spark that was so desperately needed to finally reunite Oasis, and for that, I want to send the utmost thanks and congratulations to Pep Guardiola and the rest of the team. They did what they could to make the environment juuuuust right, and now it's up to Liam to stay true to his word. 

C'mon Liam! Make the call and bring the same energy you brought in 'For What It's Worth' a few years back!

It's time! Give the fans what we want! You got your football title, give us our reunion!