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Liam Gallagher Tweets "99 Problems" Music Video The Day After Noel's Divorce Is Announced

That is just an unbelievable thing to tweet the day after your brother's divorce gets announced.

DailyMail- Noel Gallagher is set to divorce his wife Sara MacDonald after nearly 12 years of marriage. 

The Oasis star, 55, and the music publicist, 51, issued a statement to MailOnline on Friday night announcing their split and that their two sons 'remain their priority'.

Noel is said to have moved out of their £8million South Downs mansion in Hampshire - and now fans are wondering if the Oasis brothers will heal their feud and reform after Liam previously claimed Sara was the one stopping them reunite. 

From what I understand, Liam and Sara, Noel's wife, have had a horrible relationship for about as long as they've known each other - or knew each other, rather.

It's believed that an incident where Liam called Sara in the middle of the night eleven times to hurl insults at her in 2002 could've played a big part in the brothers' relationship deteriorating in the band's final years, and that it still may be the biggest roadblock standing in the way of an Oasis reunion....and I mean - that'll do it. You can't call your brother's girlfriend eleven times in the middle of the night to hurl insults. You just can't.

Liam wasn't apologetic at all, either, and he's continued to hurl insults at the couple via social media throughout the years, which led to this "99 Problems" tweet in wake celebration of the divorce news....

….and it even cuts a little deeper knowing the history of Noel Gallagher and Jay Z's Glastonbury feud….

I'd never sit here and celebrate a divorce; it's truly heartbreaking to watch families fall apart and as a child of divorce myself, I get it. It's rough. 

HOWEVAH - I do think this brings us closer to an Oasis reunion than we ever have been. Hell, Guns N Roses only got back together after spending 23 years apart when Slash got a divorce! Noel may need some new money soon.

Plus, if we're to believe this report….

DailyRecord- According to reports the couple announced the end of their marriage after their relationship was on the rocks in recent months.

According to The Sun on Sunday, Noel and Sara had: “been on the rocks for a while and pals wonder if the trouble peaked when ex-Oasis star Noel went on a bender at Glastonbury Festival last summer.”

The sources claimed that Sara wasn't happy after Noel, “pulled a raucous, all-nighter at Worthy Farm, partying with pals including Rita Ora until 6am.”

….Noel's all-nighter with Rita Ora and other famous pals at Glastonbury was the last straw in the marriage?!

That doesn't sound like the Noel Gallagher we've come to know over the last decade or so….that sounds like the old Noel Gallagher. The rockstar Noel Gallagher. The Noel Gallagher who wrote 'Cigarettes and Alcohol'. The Noel Gallagher who was so coked up for the recording of 'Be Here Now' that he doesn't remember the year 1997. Does he have a taste for the rock n' roll lifestyle yet again?

You know what would satisfy that craving, Noel? AN OASIS WORLD TOUR.

I don't care if they have to keep Liam and Noel apart from each other for the entire run of shows - separate hotels, tour busses, planes, etc. Just get them on stage together for two hours a night and bring THIS back to the world….

We need it, and the money involved has to be INSANE! Guns N Roses raked in $548.2 million from the Not In This Lifetime Tour!

You're telling me you don't want half a billi, Noel?! That isn't worth putting up with Liam's cunty tweets and snide on-stage chirps from time to time?

Liam's more than proven he's capable of fronting the band again, and selling out weekends at Knebworth himself….

It's time. Just do it.

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