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Kid Whose Backyard Aliens Crashed Into Speaks Out.

If you didn't hear about what he's talking about, Jerry Thornton broke it down very well. 

The only reason why I actually believe this dude is that there is no way he coulda staged the bodycam video crash, as well as the crash sound on other people's cameras, without some elaborate scheme. 

With the recent UFO news happening, you could see someone trying to pull off an elaborate hoax. These police officers actually took the whole thing seriously, and they saw stuff coming out of the sky. This whole story is pretty nuts, and if there really are 10-foot aliens running around Vegas, if I was a police officer, I would also not want to deal with giant Aliens. The thing is, as this kid says, the family is pretty religious, not the type to put up with their kids pulling off a giant alien prank and hoax; the parents were involved. This kid putting together a youtube channel to talk about aliens is also pretty sketchy that it could be a hoax. The thing is, if you were trying to do a hoax, you wouldn't so obviously make an alien youtube channel. I am kinda gullible, so they totally could be pulling the wool over my eyes, but Vegas would be the place Aliens crash land.