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Miami Is Officially The Only Fans Capital Of The US With A Staggering 1.1k Accounts Per 100k Residents!

Miami New Times- Your mailman, favorite Starbucks barista, maybe even your rabbi or pharmacist — you may think you know their professional personas from a round of small talk and a few minutes watching them do their buttoned-up duties. But these jobs may be little more than a side gig for them. A recent survey suggests they could be among thousands of Miamians raking in cash on the subscription-based social media platform OnlyFans. According to the study, Miami has the most OnlyFans creators per capita of any large city in the nation, with 1,110 accounts per 100,000 residents. Las Vegas came in second place with 670 OnlyFans creators per capita, and "no other cities are close," according to the study released by men's supplement company Madhouse Labs.

 Well folks! It seems as if we finally have an Only Fans capital of the country. We have the Potato capital in Idaho. The Pizza capital in New York City. The Strip Club capital in Tampa. The country music capital in Nashville. And NOW we have the Only Fans capital in Miami. Is anyone really surprised though? As a world-renowned Only Fans journalist I would've thought the only close competition would have been out in beautiful Southern California or the desert of Las Vegas, yet either one would simply be like trying to argue Lemieux or Messier is better than Wayne Gretzky- there's just no way!

And I totally get it! I've always found Miami to be VERY intimidating in terms of going out because it is, quite literally, built different when it comes to being a playground of a city. Any city where people routinely have dinners at like 1am and strive to leave the club when some breakfast joints are in their 3rd hour of service for the morning must come with a whole bunch of folks that figured it makes sense to be on Only Fans! Respect all around to the Only Fans residents of Miami.

I do also have to say, I was quite shocked to see Vegas be so far ahead of Los Angeles though that's just judging off my small sample size of Only Stans guests. We have a BUNCH from Los Angeles and only a handful from Vegas so far...not to mention there's no beaches near Vegas. Need those.

(And for reference the thumbnail photo here is a wonderful former guest of Only Stans named Hannah, check her out!)