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This TikTok Girl Says She Can Get The Universe To 'Throw Money At You' If You Will Just Manifest It

Have you been making a concerted effort to save more money? Maybe recently opened a Roth IRA or started contributing more to your 401K? Well throw all that out the window, because this TikTok hustler has the key to creating "fuck you" wealth: manifesting a positive money mindset to make the universe throw money at you.

While this is remarkably moronic, I guess there's no harm in trying it. This girl doesn't seem to be selling some sort of bullshit Grant Cardone course on how to get rich or anything, so give it a whirl if you want to. I would like to think I have done my share of manifesting in my life and I'm still poor, so I'd question the efficacy of her methods, but whatever. I hope it works for somebody.

Love something as much as Gen Z girls love "manifesting" anything.