A Kid Cucked Zack Hample Out Of A Home Run Ball And Destroyed His Will To Live

Now this is the content we want to see when a fly ball is heading in the general direction of Zack Hample. Score one for the home team.

Hample has caught more than 12,000 baseballs at Major League games — yes, that's the real number — and still looks like his dog died any time a kid catches a home run by a player on his favorite team. It's honestly a dedication to the craft that you don't see out of many people these days.

All the "nobody wants to work anymore" people should watch a couple Zack Hample videos and tell me that guy doesn't get up in the morning ready to go to work. Every company in America wants its employees to give just a little bit as much of a shit about their jobs as Hample does about robbing children of the chance to catch a 50-cent baseball.

Marty was absolutely right when he wrote yesterday that regardless of Hample being at best a weirdo and at worst an asshole, it is remarkably impressive that he shows up at big league games knowing he's going home with a backpack full of baseballs. You don't have to like it, but you at least have to tip your cap to undoubtedly the best to ever do it.

Hample went over and gave the kid a high five because he knew the cameras were rolling, but you can look at that first screenshot and tell this is the fakest high five of all-time. Hample was smiling through the pain and pretending to be happy for that kid.

Shoutout to the little man. Not so fun when the rabbit's got the gun.