Zack Hample May Be The Most Hated Man On The Internet But At Some Point His Greatness At Catching Home Runs Should Overshadow All That

People go there entire lives without ever catching a baseball at a game. Zack Hample makes it his job to take those dreams away from kids getting a ball from players. 

He ruins these poor kids dreams of catching a ball from a player in the dugout and this is why he is the biggest loser to ever exist but what he is doing in the stands is actually incredible. He is doing game film on where to sit at these games and where the home runs are going to happen and he is catching a ball every night. 

If you are reading this Zack I would love to talk to you because you are a freak. Some are saying what Zack is doing is more impressive than what any of the players are doing and they may be right. It honestly might be harder for a fan to catch a ball at a game than an MLB players hitting a home run. I am not a math guy but that sounds about right.

Despite all that, I think Zack needs to grow up and stop bringing a glove to a game though because it is so sad. Imagine going on a date with Zack Hample and having no idea who he is. He shows up with a glove and you can get past that for a second. But then all of a sudden he keeps changing seats, won't let you get up from your seat because he can't miss a pitch and then shoves a 12 year old out of the way to catch a ball. He is really something and you have to admit what he is doing is very funny because he truly does take it so seriously.