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Bubba Watson Argued With A Rules Official About Ants And Burrowing Animals




If you like Bubba Watson at this point then I don’t know what to tell you.  Your eyes are glued shut.  He’s a douche bag of the highest degree.  No reason at all for him to be like that.  Listen to him talk down to that rules official like he’s nothing.  Asking him sarcastic questions about ants, burrowing animals and tunneling creatures and shit like that.  Hey Bubba, the guy is just trying to help you out.  Rules are rules. Don’t shoot the messenger just because you have a bad attitude.  The insane thing about people finally realizing that Bubba is a dick bag is some people now starting to say the opposite.  Even some people writing articles saying the opposite for clicks.  Like, “He’s just misunderstood.”  No, he’s not.  We fully understand who Bubba is. He’s a great golfer but he’s a HUGE asshole.  That ant debate summed it up perfectly.  Mr. Two Faced. He’s all smiles and “aw shucks I’m a southern boy who drives a hovercraft” when there’s a camera and mic in his face.  But when he doesn’t know there’s a camera on him?  Here comes the real Bubba and that guy is a dick.