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Robert Downey Jr Walking Out Of An Interview In 2015 Is Incredibly Uncomfortable To Watch

This clip of Robert Downey Jr walking out of an interview in 2015 is going re-viral this week because of how uncomfortable and awkward it is, and I gotta say - it definitely lives up to the hype. It's tough to sit through. 

The interviewer begins with a question about RDJ's political stances changing post-prison - referencing an interview he gave fifteen years prior, in 2000 - and follows it up by basically asking if he ever thinks about relapsing and going back into the darkest period he's ever had - all while fumbling his words and throwing in about a hundred nervous "uhhhs" for good measure. 

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From the moment the interviewer started his whole "Well, I don't know how comfortable you are talking about YOURSELF" routine after sensing RDJ's confusion in the political question, I was just counting the seconds til Iron Man got up and walked out.

I understand that journalists gotta dig deep and get their hard hitting questions every now and then, but immediately taking a brief 'Avengers' film junket interview into a super political direction and asking only about the worst moments in the star's life makes you a superdouche in my opinion. If you're Barbara Walters or Robin Roberts and you've got Downey for a few hours in his living room, it's one thing. 

If you're this guy from the local news….

….ask about the fuckin Avengers and be grateful Tony Stark gave you a few minutes of his time, or don't do the interview. It ain't your "gotcha" moment to take down Robert Downey Jr because of something he said almost twenty years prior.

I actually thought Downey was way too nice to him, as well. I woulda loved a full Stark style takedown, but he just decided they were done there and left. Very zen of him.

P.S. Loved seeing this camera guy feeling the awkwardness in the room….

P.P.S. Robert Downey Jr's appearance on Rogan from a few years ago was a great, would recommend if you're a fan of his….