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WATCH: Twins Closer Jhoan Duran Broke Off Some Of The Filthiest Pitches In Baseball Yesterday To Go Along With A 105 MPH Heater

David Berding. Getty Images.

One of the weirdest things my dumb brain can't process is how hitting a baseball looks like it should be so easy on TV but looks like the hardest thing on the planet when you are watching in person or on the umpire cam.


I don't know if the camera removes a few miles per hour the same way it adds a few pounds (please remember that before The Dozen Tournament airs next week). But it's the fucking truth.

Which is why these Jhoan Duran highlights are even more absurd when you remember you are watching them through the safe space of a screen, which leads us to criticize professional hitters that have made it to the pinnacle of their sport over literally thousands of other ballplayers that would smoke us in any competition involving baseball. 

I mean what the hell are you supposed to do with those pitches? Think about all the old salty dog baseball players that played their whole lives on a diamond of dirt and never saw a 105 MPH fastball, let alone one with movement. In fact, a part of me is kinda surprised throwing 105 isn't outlawed in a quiet midwestern state like Minnesota. It for sure wouldn't be allowed in Salt Lake City if Utah ever got an MLB team.

Shit, you can make a case that throwing in the mid-100's with a splinker from Hell and a curveball with that bite should be illegal in the continental 48, if not all 50 great states as well as the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.


I feel like the crown for coolest closer is vacant with Edwin Diaz hurt and Emmanuel Clase daring to have an ERA in the mid-3's instead of the mid-1's. So I'm gonna put Jhoan Duran on the throne until someone else can put filth that bends my brain more than those clips.