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An ECU Player Was Ejected After Feeding Another Player A Hot Dog After He Hit A Home Run

Is there anything more American than hot dogs and baseball? Apparently this umpire thinks so because he gave an ECU player the boot after he gave a teammate a hot dog after hitting a bomb. Talk about being too sensitive and umpires taking their jobs wayyyyyy too seriously. A hot dog? Guys need to eat, what's next? You're going to tell me that guys can't drink water or gatorade in the dugout next? Guy was hungry, just hit a bomb and needs to eat, what the hell is wrong with that?

There isn't even a really good shot but man I wish there was. I'd love to see Jacob Starling getting fed a glizzy after a homer, apparently this ump didn't. Everyone in baseball is about the home run celebrations, why is a hot dog so different? Dong Bong, homer chain, Japanese hat, trident, hot dog. I don't see what the big difference is. Let the boys have fun and let them eat hot dogs. ECU should be giving out hot dogs for every homer now. Really stick it to that umpire. Let the boys Glizzy!