Jimmy Butler Counter-Trolled The Hell Out Of Al Horford And The Celtics With A Hilarious Mocking Timeout Gesture

How can you not love Jimmy Butler? First it was Grant Williams' stupid self getting into his face in Game 2 to piss off Jimmy Buckets. That led to the Heat's rally to steal the first two games in Boston. And yeah, Jimmy feels a type of way about the previous slight you can see from Al Horford in the vid above.

It's mind-blowing to me that Miami is 6-2 this postseason when trailing at any time by 10+ points. #HEATCulture is apparently unstoppable. They're like the antithesis of these Celtics. I've seldom seen such a talented team be so inconsistent and switch-flippy in my entire life. Instead of potentially stealing Game 3 in Miami to make these Conference Finals an actual series, Sunday's contest has turned into a complete debacle and an embarrassment to the city of Boston.

My theory as to why this sequence of events went down? El Pres taking a cheap shot at my guy Mike McDaniel prior to tip-off.

I get it, OK? Rival coach in the Patriots' division. The rationale behind calling Mike McD a nerd repeatedly from afar doesn't escape me. It's not Mac Daddy's fault that, however, that whomever was in charge of pre-game festivities decided to trot the Miami Dolphins boss onto the hardwood before the vast majority of folks were seated.

Anyway, bad vibes and mushing even before the ball was in the air. Then you have what Al Horford previously did...and yeah. Double whammy. That Boston swagger, passion and brashness is objectively awesome to see when the teams are firing on all cylinders. To me, it's a little less off-putting than the obnoxiousness of Philly sports. Let's be honest, though: Titletown has had enough fucking championships in the past quarter-century to last any diehard fan multiple lifetimes.

...So I don't feel that bad laughing my ass off at Jimmy Butler rubbing the Celtics' noses in it. Y'all may assume I'm a Lakers fan. You'd be wrong. I just don't get the level of weird-energy disrespect LeBron gets so I defend him a decent amount (didn't in Game 3, you'll notice. Put a fork in me. Don't really put a fork in me).

 Would've been dope to see another iconic Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals. Guess we'll have to settle for the Jokic-Murray top-seeded Nuggets and the East's final-team-in Miami Heat. Provided, again, that these squads hang on to 3-0 series leads, an advantage that's never been blown in NBA history.

Alright don't wanna get my head bitten off here. Just parachuting in to appreciate Jimmy Butler. Best of luck to the Celtics to rally from this 0-3 hole. I think that'd be awesome. Read Greenie's breakdown of tonight here.

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