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Incredible Thread Details All Of The Times The Fast And Furious Franchise Ignored Logic, Physics, And Reason As They Left Reality In The Dust And Just Did Whatever The Hell They Wanted

The Fast and Furious movie franchise has been built around several core elements: awesome cars, beautiful women, laugh out loud terrible dialogue, gravity/logic defying stunts, and family. Somehow, some way we're getting the 10th installment of the franchise this Friday. While this was assumed to be the final movie, it's recently been announced that Fast X will be the first of three parts to conclude this franchise. There's also very little reasoning in front of us to believe that will actually be the end. 

We've reached the point as humans where if we live to see the end of all this we deserve some sort of compensation. $1,000 seems fair considering all the cash these guys have brought in since 2001. Keep in mind 9/11 is younger than this still very much running series of movies. 

In honor of the one coming out Friday some good folks on Twitter got in the lab and compiled the most ridiculous, physic-defying, illogical moments so far. It's well worth the run through. 

First we start with the famous rope swing. Helicopters and fighter jets firing missiles from all angles, but Dom saw the rope there which he was certain would magically hook to his car and swing them across the water, land on the other side, do about 10 barrel rolls, and still not even think to put a spec of dirt on his white shirt. Cinema. 

Dom vs. a nuclear submarine. Who didn't see this coming back in 2001 during those street races? How does a normal car defeat said sub? Of course use the ice shelf to propel his car just past the sub so that the heat-seeking missile would hit that instead of the car. While the sub did explode as part of his plan, he still had to avoid the ensuing explosion and fully-engulfed car. 

Thankfully Dom has family. No explosion, fire, submarine, missile, or bomb can stop family. 

Next up we have bumper cars. Oh a person flung into the car and landing on a moving car doesn't split them in half? Not when Dom is behind the wheel. Chess over checkers. 

Of course we have to talk about Dom going 1 on 10 here. You'd think these guys were trying to bring down the actual Hulk with the struggle they had to inflict any sort of pain. 

Can't knock them all out? Alright let's grab these giants chains and pull down this reinforced concrete. If you didn't laugh out loud the first time watching this then I don't know what to tell you. You could argue that's the most absurd scene in movie history. Forget this franchise I'm talking everything ever made. Zero attempt whatsoever to keep this within any realm of reality that you have no choice but to respect it. 

Next up we've got more missiles being fired and doing next to zero damage. Where did they buy these missiles? If they shoot these things at Daniel Craig in the final James Bond I bet he gets to live the rest of his life out no problem. 

You have to appreciate Dom's ability to always be able to jump out of a full speed vehicle that's on fire, seconds from exploding. Even Superman would be jealous of that character trait. 

Alright the one below is awesome. Dom somehow senses Letty is about to get flung in the air and be propelled 50 feet in the air over this split highway. He naturally crashes his own car to give himself enough speed to get to her and send them both safely into the windshield of a perfectly placed car. 

Family folks. It's all because of family, get with the program. 

Now this is mainly a blog about the Vin Diesel Fast movies, but the next one from Hobbs and Shaw is next level. The writers decided to combine Iron Man and the latest version of the Terminator to make Idris Elba's villain+his super bike. 

The illogical part here isn't the creation of this maniac, but more how they stopped him. In what world did this guy not take over the world? Oh that's right, they simply got lucky with the evil people turning him off after the Rock body slammed him like he was at Wrestlemania. 

Speaking of the Rock, there was one time he was needed in action and flexed out of his cast so he could help the team out. 

Dom and Jason Statham's character just drove at each other full speed like they were jousting. Tremendous. 

There was that time the Rock held down a chopper with just his pure strength and will. Whoever decided to start including him in these movies knocked it right out of the park. No one better for this shit. 

Vin back it here with a flying headbutt where he's in the air for no less than 5 minutes and exudes more force than any punch ever recorded.  

Things obviously got out of hand with the storylines in these movies so fans began to joke they'd go to space one day. The creators heard that one loud and clear. No problemo. 

Dom needed to get somewhere and evade the bad guys so he drove his car through several luxury hotel buildings hundreds of feet in the air. 

Dom once caught a car without a care in the world. I imagine no one batted an eye when this popped up on the script. 

Causing an earthquake with your feet is a perfectly normal thing to do, keep it moving. 

Redirecting missiles with your hand? Again, that's why they brought the Rock in. 

Like I said, reality? Out the window. Extremely attractive people driving really fast cars and saving their families and sometimes the rest of the world? That's why this movie franchise has made trillions of dollars. If you're knocking them I imagine you're a poor filmmaker who appreciates the art of silent films and winning awards at French movie festivals. 

Listen that was a lot. If you took the time to read and watch through all of that here's a little reward. Without further ado, I present to you the great women that help make Fast and Furious the beauty that it is today. Yes, Brie Larson is in the new one.